Speak Confidently, from Virtual to Reality

Are public speaking jitters holding you back?

Do you aspire to captivate every room?

With Ovation, harness the power of VR and AI to practice, perfect, and perform when it matters most.


Why VR + Public Speaking?

The fusion of virtual reality and public speaking represents a groundbreaking advancement. Now, individuals can confront their speaking anxieties by repeated exposure to virtual simulations of the real-world scenarios they dread.

And as their fears are reprogrammed, their skills are also honed, transforming them into impactful speakers ready to command any stage.

Who is Ovation for?

Learning institutions committed to graduating students with superior communication skills.
Companies seeking a competitive advantage by developing effective salespeople and inspirational leaders.
Anyone who has something to say.

How Ovation Works

Take a closer look at the key features enabling you to elevate your speaking skills.

Realistic Audiences & Venues

Realistic Audiences & Venues

Audience members are real people scanned into 3D models. They smile, clap, ask questions, and get distracted by their phones.

An ever-expanding collection of venues includes conference halls, classrooms, and boardrooms — all based on real-world locations.

Endless Customization


Endless Customization

Import your own text, slides, and slide notes.

Choose from dozens of interactive speech tools, including laptops, microphones, laser pointers, and projector screens.

Adjust your audience's attire and attitude.

AI-Powered Speaking Scenarios

AI-Powered Speaking Scenarios

Ovation‘s simulated audience members can engage in intelligent dialogues, powered by OpenAI‘s ChatGPT and ElevenLabs.

Speech + Q&A: Deliver your presentation then answer questions about it.

Conversation: Choose any topic and discuss it with simulated participants.

Interview: Prepare for any job interview in any industry. Alternatively, be the interviewer and evaluate AI applicants.

Real-Time Training

Audience Section Staring
Filler Words
Speaking Rate
Hand Movement
Mic Distance
Filler Words
You will receive warning notifications each time you say a filler word (um, like, so).

Real-Time Training

Your performance is evaluated as you speak, with notifications informing you the moment you say a filler word, stare at one side of the audience, fail to gesture, and more.

See Ovation's training in action.

Watch Alex Lyon, YouTube's most popular public speaking expert, break down Ovation's filler word training feature.

Recording & Playback

Recording & Playback

Practice sessions are recorded in 3D, enabling you to watch your performance from every angle and identify areas for improvement.

AI-Powered Feedback & Analytics

AI-Powered Feedback & Analytics

Each performance is evaluated by ChatGPT‘s latest model, providing insightful feedback to help you improve.

Full transcripts are available in the app and downloadable on the web.



Meet up with others virtually in Ovation, no matter where you are.

Practice a group speech with classmates, rehearse a meeting with a colleague, or get guidance on your keynote from a professional coach.

Designed for Wireless VR

Ovation is compatible with Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets.

If you already own a compatible headset, visit Ovation's Meta App Store page to add Ovation to your App Library.

No VR headset? No problem!

Ovation is available for Windows-based computers with our Monitor Application. If you prefer not to use VR, or want to try Ovation before investing in a headset, this is a great option.

“As an executive communications and public speaking coach, I was looking for a VR platform to add to my suite of client services. And I was so impressed by the capabilities of Ovation that I decided to integrate it into my offerings to better serve a growing roster of clients, especially those who struggle with public speaking anxiety.“

Douglass Hatcher

“I've tried different public speaking apps and this one blows away the competition. For starters, the graphics are unrivaled. The feedback the app offers after a speech is invaluable if you're trying to improve your public speaking. I've also used this app as preparation for Toastmasters speeches and the crowd could not believe my progress.“

Luis Rancel

“As a professor and a privileged beta tester, I can confidently say that this app is a complete game-changer in my classroom. When it comes to presenting in front of a live audience (after using Ovation), my students report increased confidence and the ability to captivate listeners by delivering truly impactful presentations.“

Professor Kim Hyatt