Speak Confidently
From VR to Reality

Speak Confidently
From VR to Reality

The future of communication training is here

Public speaking skills are key to professional development, but practice is intimidating and infrequent.

Ovation in virtual reality overcomes these obstacles by providing a supportive audience that feels real alongside training tools and feedback designed to grow your skills and confidence.

Who is Ovation for?
Enterprise departments, including Sales, L&D, E-Learning, and Customer Training
Educational Institutions
Professional Speakers

As real as virtual gets

Choose from a variety of familiar venues and speaking tools. Speak to animated audience members made from scans of real people.

Record & play back your speech from anywhere

Ovation records in 3D, enabling you to critique yourself from every angle.

Train with effective tools possible only in virtual reality

Let Ovation guide your improvement in real time. Instant feedback and virtual cues ensure you are always on the right track.

Attention Distribution
Audience Section Stare Coloring
Speech Tool Stare Coloring
Sustained Eye Contact
Gaze Guiders
Filler Words
Speaking Rate
Mic Distance
Hand Movement
Percentages located above each side of the audience indicate how evenly the speaker is speading their attention during a speech.

Review improvement from key metrics

Spot trends in analytics captured during your recordings.

Grades are calculated from captured analytics — challenge yourself to improve with each performance!

See Ovation's Analytics & Grades!

Enjoy much of Ovation without putting on your VR headset

Through our web portal, users can manage their account, review and share recordings, and provide feedback.

Organization administrators can easily gauge user adoption and improvement.

Accelerate your training with Ovation's advanced eye-tracking features.

Red Line: No Eye Tracking

Green line

Accelerate your training with Ovation's advanced eye-tracking features.

Ready for your Ovation?