Ovation & Omnicept

Next level training.
Uncompromised realism.

Omnicept is the most advanced VR headset for training available today

Ovation’s available training features and analytics are expanded and enhanced by Omnicept’s eye tracking and biometrics.

Know when you are in the training zone

Sensors in the headset can determine your cognitive load in real-time, capturing the brainpower needed to remember and properly deliver your speech.

Learn more about cognitive load.

Feel your nerves fade away

Review the changes in your heart rate over a series of speeches and in front of different sized audiences.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Most VR headsets only provide information about where your head is pointed. Omnicept takes that to the next level by determining the exact location your eyes are looking, leading to more accurate analytics and better insights.

In these clips, the speaker looks left and right with their head, but only eye tracking is able to reveal how extensively he scanned the crowd.

No Eye Tracking


Previously Impossible Training Tools

Master the art of keeping your attention on the audience, instead of your notes.

Ovation gently reminds you to shift your gaze when it lingers too long. Made possible by eye tracking so accurate that it knows what line you’re reading on a teleprompter 15 feet away.

Red Line: No Eye Tracking

Green line

More Expressive Avatars

Watch your performance as you expect it to look, with your playback avatar’s eyes blinking and darting around the environment — just as yours did.

No Eye Tracking